Getting Started Guide for Students

Has your instructor assigned a FoxyLearning coursepack or module? A FoxyLearning coursepack is a collection of one or more online learning modules (e.g., tutorials and videos) that instructors can assign to their students. When you buy a coursepack, you gain access to the included modules and your instructor can automatically track your progress and completion of the modules. If your instructor or professor assigned a FoxyLearning coursepack, you can follow these simple steps to purchase and complete it.

  1. Purchase Coursepack: Visit the coursepack product page your instructor should have shared with you. If you no longer have the link, you can search for your coursepack on our Buy a Coursepack page. Add the coursepack to your shopping cart and checkout. You will be prompted to either log in or create a user account when you checkout.
  2. Visit myLearning Dashboard: After you complete your purchase of a coursepack, you will immediately gain access to any included learning modules and will be placed in a private group for your class. You can verify both of these things from the Modules and Groups sections of the myLearning dashboard. Being in the group associated with your coursepack is what allows your instructor to monitor your progress and performance on any assigned modules.
  3. Complete Learning Module(s): You can access any learning modules included in your coursepack from the myLearning dashboard. To start a module, simply click the title or the "Start" button. You do not need to complete modules in one sitting and can return to the myLearning dashboard later to resume where you left off. Your instructor will be able to monitor your progress and completion of any included modules and will be able to see your score(s) on any final quizzes.
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