How do I connect to a course or enter my course connection code?

You don't. Not anymore, anyway.

If your instructor has asked you to purchase "premium access" to one or more of our tutorials, "connect" to their course, or use a "course connection code," then they are using outdated instructions for an old version of our site. FoxyLearning does not use course connection codes anymore. When we relaunched our site in January 2020, we also revamped the way instructors can use our learning modules for their courses. Namely, we launched coursepacks.

Most instructors create coursepacks on our site for their courses. A coursepack consists of one or more learning modules and when a student purchases it, they gain access to those modules and are placed in a private group. The instructor of the course can then track the progress and performance of students in that group (i.e., students who purchased the coursepack).

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