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Why use FoxyLearning to supplement your course?

We've been helping faculty and organizations supplement their teaching with high-quality, evidence-based learning modules since 2004. Here are some reasons why both instructors and students love us:


Students are often at the mercy of large textbook publishers who are seeking to maximize their profits with high prices. We are a small, efficient, family-owned company that strives to keep costs low so that we can offer quality content at a truly affordable price.


When you use one of our standard modules or a FoxyLearning coursepack, you will be able to verify that each student completed (or not) the modules you’ve assigned. In addition, each module is interactive and requires active student responding throughout.


All of our modules are fully online, self-paced, and optimized for mobile devices, so students can learn when and where they want using the device they want. Everything is web-based, too, so there are no apps or extra software for either students or instructors to install.


Our modules earn rave reviews from students and instructors alike. We develop our content using evidence-based principles of instructional design and best practices for multimedia instruction. Each of our tutorials has also been the focus of a study demonstrating its efficacy, and we regularly update our content and design based on learner performance and feedback.


We pride ourselves on providing quick, friendly support any time it’s needed. Our omnipresent help button floats in the bottom corner of every page, providing easy access to our helpdesk articles and a contact form. Last year we responded to 72% of all support emails within an hour and 96% of our customers rated our support as “Great!”


When you choose to use a FoxyLearning coursepack or module for your course, you’re also helping support our overall mission to expand knowledge and understanding of behavioral science. One of the ways we do that is by providing free access to our tutorials and videos on the open web and releasing most of our content under a Creative Commons license.

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