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How are the videos "interactive"?

The videos have questions and other interactive elements that appear while you watch the video. This allows you to check your knowledge and comprehension while you are watching, rather than completing a final quiz at the very end. They look a little something like this:



Embedded question:


Do the videos have captions?

Yes, all of our videos have captions that you can enable or disable from the video player controls.

Can I leave a video in the middle and resume where I left off later?

Yes. Your progress in the video is saved automatically as you watch. If you leave the page the video is on and return later, it should let you resume where you left off. Note: a small number of users have reported an issue with this, typically with mobile devices or phones and usually when watching in full-screen mode. If you experience a problem with your progress not saving, please let us know (and try to avoid watching in full-screen mode on your phone!).

How do you ensure learners don't just fast-forward through the whole video or skip the questions?

Fast-forwarding is disabled for our videos. In addition, all questions must be answered correctly to advance.

If I can't fast-forward through the video, can I at least rewind?

Well, sort of. :) You can rewind in 10-second bursts using this button in the video controls:


The button will only rewind the video 10 seconds, but you can click it repeatedly to rewind as much as needed. You can also return to the video's product page and watch the free version in the "Free Preview" tab (or find the video in the Open Educational Resources section of our site). All of our free, open-access videos have unrestricted navigation.

How long will I have to complete a video?

Videos are entirely self-paced and you can take as long as you wish to complete them. Your date of completion will be based on when you complete the entire video and mark the module "complete."

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