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How are tutorials organized?

Tutorials are organized into lessons, with each lesson consisting of multiple pages. Each lesson opens in a pop-up window that you will then use to work through the lesson. Here is a screenshot from one of our lessons:

Can I see a preview of what a tutorial is like?

Yes, you can access the complete tutorial (but with no progress or completion tracking) via the "Free Preview" tab of the tutorial's product page or by selecting it from the Open Educational Resources section of our website.

Can I leave a tutorial in the middle of a lesson and resume where I left off later?

Yes and no. You can if you leave the lesson open in your browser. For example, as long as you leave the browser window open, you can pause in the middle of a lesson, work on something else, use a different tab in your browser, or take a nap and then return to continue the lesson later. However, if you close the lesson window, close the tab the lesson is in, or exit your browser, you will need to start the lesson over from the beginning. Your progress or completion of a lesson is only recorded at the very end of a lesson when you click the "Mark Complete" button.

Can I review a lesson I've already completed?

Yes, you can go back to review any lesson you've already completed at any time. When you return to a lesson you've already completed, you will not have navigation restrictions (so you can jump around to any page without having to work through them in order) and will not need to complete the Knowledge Checks again.

If I restart a lesson I've already completed, will it restart my progress or delete my completion?

No. You can restart a completed lesson at any time and it will not affect your overall progress on the tutorial or completion status for that lesson. The only time your progress or completion will be deleted is if you click the "Reset Progress" button on the home page of a module you've completed.

How long will I have to complete a tutorial?

Tutorials are entirely self-paced and you can take as long as you wish to complete them. If you are completing one for CEUs, your date of completion will be based on when you complete all module requirements (complete all lessons and pass the final quiz). If you are completing one for a course, your instructor may set a deadline by which they'd like you to complete it, so check your syllabus!

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