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Getting Started Guide for Instructors

There are four primary ways you can use FoxyLearning to supplement your course or training program. You can learn more about each of these methods and get started using them with our Instructor Guide.

Use a Coursepack

This is the method used by most instructors, as it provides group reports and the most progress and completion data. It requires creating a coursepack (and selecting the module or modules you'd like to include in it), having your students purchase the coursepack, and then tracking their progress and performance on the included modules via group reports on the myTeaching dashboard. It is conceptually similar to assembling a coursepack of reading materials for students to purchase at a university bookstore.

Use Individual Modules

This method requires students to purchase specific modules individually. They will receive a certificate of completion for each module they complete. Each certificate of completion includes a unique QR code and certificate number that can be used to verify its authenticity on our site. Certificate are easy to falsify, so this is a helpful security measure. Instructors will not have access to group reports and must verify each certificate of completion individually.

Use a Group License

This method is similar to creating a coursepack, except that a specified number of licenses (or "seats") for one or more modules is purchased in advance by an organization or individual. Those licenses are then shared with students or trainees, who do not directly pay for anything on our site. The progress and performance of the students or trainees is again tracked by the instructor or trainer via group reports on the myTeaching dashboard. This method is ideal for organizations wishing to pay for the training of their employees or for schools that require students to purchase all course materials in advance (or purchase enrollment/access codes directly from the university bookstore).

Use Open-Access Modules

This method does not cost anything for students, instructors, or organizations, as it relies on the free, open-access modules we offer on our site. However, progress on open-access modules is not tracked or recorded and several features are not included (such as final quizzes for tutorials and embedded questions for videos). Since progress is not tracked, students do not even need to create a user account on our site. Instructors using this method are encouraged to develop their own assessments to determine whether or not students completed the assigned modules.

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