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Group License FAQ

What is a group license?

A group license allows you to pre-pay for a set number of seats or licenses for one or more of our online modules. You can share those seats/licenses with anyone (e.g., your staff or the students in a course). A group will be created and you will be able to monitor the progress and performance of any users with whom you have shared a seat/license via the myTeaching dashboard.

Can I add additional seats/licenses later?

Yes. Select the "Add Seats" button on the myTeaching dashboard to add and pay for additional seats or licenses.

Can I add additional modules later?

Yes. Select the "Add Modules" button on the myTeaching dashboard to select additional modules. It will take you to the group license purchase page, where you can select additional modules for the group and then check out.

How do I share the seats/licenses I purchase with people? How do people join my group?

You have three options for sharing your seats/licenses with people and all are accessible from the "Users" button/menu on the myTeaching dashboard.

Each option has the same result: a user account is created for the individual on our site (if they don't already have one), they are given immediate access to the learning modules included in your group, and they are placed in the group so that the group leader(s) can track their progress and performance on the assigned modules.

Option #1: Invite Them Via Email

From the myTeaching dashboard you can enter the names and email addresses of people you want to invite to your group. Each person you enter will receive an email about their inclusion in the group. If they do not have a user account on our site yet, one will be created for them and their login credentials will be created and included in the email notification. If they do have a user account already, the email will simply inform them that they have been added to the group and can access any assigned modules via the myLearning dashboard.

Option #2: Distribute Enrollment Key Codes

With this option, you would first download the enrollment key codes from the myTeaching dashboard. You can then distribute them to your students or trainees any way you wish. To redeem the code (which will create a user account for them if they do not have one, give them immediate access to any included modules, and place them in the group), they will need to visit this page on our site:

Option #3: Upload a CSV File

Finally, you can add users to your group by uploading a CSV file. The CSV must consist of four columns: user_email, user_pass, first_name, and last_name. Download a sample CSV file in the correct format.

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