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What is a coursepack?

A FoxyLearning coursepack allows you to supplement your own teaching or training with our high-quality multimedia tutorials or interactive videos. When you create a coursepack, a unique product is made for your students to purchase. When they purchase it, they gain immediate access to any modules included in the coursepack and are placed into a private group for your course. You will be able to track the progress and performance of all students in your group (i.e., all students who purchased the coursepack) via the myTeaching dashboard.

How many coursepacks can I create?

As many as you need! Typically, instructors create one coursepack for each course or each section of a course for each term or semester they teach it. If you are creating a coursepack for a research lab, a very small course, or an ongoing training program, you might want to create just one coursepack that your students or trainees purchase as needed over time. For example, you might want to create a "Research Lab Onboarding" coursepack that you assign to every new lab member.

The primary consideration for the number of coursepacks you create is on the reporting end of the myTeaching dashboard. Each coursepack will have a unique group associated with it, and your reports will be organized by those groups. Thus, if you create just one coursepack and use it for every course over several years, all of those students will be placed into the group and appear in the same reports. This will not really impact the student or trainee experience at all, as the groups are only used for organizing their performance data on the myTeaching dashboard. Your students or trainees do not even see who else is in their group.

Will students receive a certificate of completion for each module?

Yes. You can verify the authenticity of each certificate by clicking or scanning the QR code on the certificate or by entering the certificate number in our verification form. However, this is not required for coursepacks because you can easily monitor which students have completed the assigned modules from the myTeaching dashboard.

What sort of progress and completion data will I see for students or trainees who purchase my coursepack?

For each individual who purchases your coursepack, you will have access to the following data:

  • Completion status on all of the assigned modules (Not Started, In Progress, or Completed). If more than one module is included in the coursepack, this will refer to their status on all modules as a whole (i.e., have they completed all of the modules or not?).

  • Completion status on individual modules (percentage complete) and date of completion.

  • Completion status on individual lessons of each module (percentage complete). 

  • Date and score for each attempt on a final quiz (the comprehensive quiz provided at the end of our tutorials), along with a detailed quiz report that allows you to see all of their individual responses to the questions.

Can I (or my organization) pay for the coursepacks in advance for my students or trainees?

Yes. We have a group license purchase page that allows you to purchase a specified number of seats or licenses for any of our modules. You can then assign those seats or licenses to anyone you wish. When you purchase a group license, it also creates a private group to which users who receive the license are assigned. You then track and manage their progress via the myTeaching dashboard, just as you would via a coursepack the student or trainees purchase individually. You can also add additional seats/licenses or modules to your group later.

Can I include optional modules in my coursepack?

Yes and no. Every module you include in a coursepack must be purchased when the coursepack is purchased. In other words, coursepacks are "all or nothing" in terms of the modules they include. Students will not be able to pick and choose which modules are purchased as part of the coursepack. Thus, the core courespack for your course should only include modules you want all students to complete.

If you'd like to assign optional modules for your course, we recommend you assign them as individual modules, rather than create a coursepack. Learn more about this option in our Instructor Guide.

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