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On January 1, 2024, FoxyLearning officially moved all of its CEU content to a new, dedicated website called CEUniverse. You might have some questions about this. Below we have conveniently provided some answers!

Why was CEUniverse created?

We wanted to create a more focused and streamlined experience for our CEU customers. Before CEUniverse, the FoxyLearning website had to serve four distinct audiences: BCBAs seeking CEUs, instructors seeking to supplement their courses, students completing our modules as a course supplement, and the general public accessing our free content. This sometimes made our user interface, documentation, and processes rather complex. At a technical level, it also produced some challenges. Some of the code and functionality we need to sell and deliver CEUs effectively, for example, is different from what we need to sell and deliver coursepacks or offer free content.

By moving our CEU content to a dedicated site, BCBAs will find shopping for and using our CEUs much easier. It also gives us more flexibility in terms of the types of CEU products we can offer (hello, bundles!). Finally, it will allow us to improve the usability of the FoxyLearning website by focusing it more directly on students and instructors.

What happened to my user account and CEU modules?

We have migrated the user account of every CEU customer from FoxyLearning to CEUniverse. This includes:

  • Login credentials (email address and password)

  • Account information (name and BACB certification number)

  • Purchased modules and progress on those modules

  • Certificates of completion

  • Previous orders

This means that you can log in to CEUniverse using the exact same email address and password you used for FoxyLearning. It also means that you will find everything that used to be on the myAccount and myLearning dashboards on FoxyLearning on the myAccount and myLearning dashboards on CEUniverse.

Will my user accounts on FoxyLearning and CEUniverse be synced?

No. Although we copied your account (including login credentials) to CEUniverse from FoxyLearning, your user accounts on the two sites will not be synced or connected in any way. That means if you change your password on FoxyLearning after January 1, 2024, it will have no effect on your password for CEUniverse (and vice versa).

Unless you are an instructor using FoxyLearning to supplement your teaching or training (or a student completing a coursepack or standard module), you may not have any need to log in to FoxyLearning at all anymore.

Are the CEU modules on CEUniverse different than the ones that used to be on FoxyLearning?

No. Our CEU modules have been copied over to CEUniverse exactly as they were on FoxyLearning. Any new CEU modules will only be added to CEUniverse. All CEU modules on FoxyLearning have been removed (though the standard and free versions of them remain).

What about FoxyPoints?

FoxyPoints have been rebranded as "Star Points" on CEUniverse (it just seemed a little more thematically appropriate). All of your FoxyPoints have been moved to your account on CEUniverse. You should be able to see them on the myAccount dashboard and redeem them when making purchases on CEUniverse. Since FoxyPoints were only ever applicable to CEU products, they have been removed completely from FoxyLearning.

What about newsletters?

If you were a CEU customer subscribed to the FoxyLearning newsletter, we have automatically subscribed you to the CEUniverse newsletter. The CEUniverse newsletter will obviously focus exclusively on content relevant to CEUs and BCBAs, while the FoxyLearning newsletter will more broadly cover our business and focus on instructors, students, and our free content.

You can change your subscription preferences for either newsletter using these links:

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