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Bulk Discounts for CEUs

When you purchase 5 or more CEU modules at one time, you can earn a special bulk discount. The more you buy, the more you save. Here is the breakdown:

# of Modules


5 - 9


10 - 14


15 - 19


20 +


How do I apply the discount?

The discount will be applied to your order automatically as you add more CEU modules to your cart! Once you've added the minimum number of modules to your cart, the discounted price will start showing up as you browse other CEU modules. Your total savings will be shown on the cart and checkout pages, too.

Can I earn the discount for previously purchased modules?

No, this discount only works for modules purchased at one time. For example, purchasing 4 modules one day and another 4 modules the next day would not earn the discount. However, purchasing all 8 modules at the same time would earn the discount.

Will I still earn FoxyPoints for modules purchased with a bulk discount?

Absolutely! FoxyPoints are earned for every CEU purchase you make, even if it is discounted.

Is the discount triggered by the number of CEUs or the number of modules?

It is triggered by the number of modules, not the number of CEUs.

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