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New Feature • February 17, 2024

Tutorial Menu Sidebar Improvement

The menu sidebar that appears on our tutorials will now remember whether you want it collapsed or not! For example, if you collapse the sidebar on page 1 of the tutorial, when you go to page 2 it will be collapsed automatically. If you expand it on page 4, when you go to page 5 it will be expanded automatically. It's a minor thing, but a pretty nice convenience. Enjoy!

New Product • January 18, 2024

Group Licenses

You can now purchase a group license for our CEU modules! This means you can pre-pay for a set number of licenses (or "seats") for one or more of our modules and then invite anyone you like to use those seats. When they do, they'll gain immediate access to the modules you purchased and will be placed in a private group. You'll be able to monitor the progress and performance of everyone in your group.

This is a great option for clinics or organizations that want to provide a specific CEU experience for their staff or trainees!

New Product • January 7, 2024

Build-a-Bundle Is Here!

We launched CEUniverse with an impressive array of bundles to help you meet your recertification requirements in a user-friendly, affordable way.

Now we've taken our bundle game to the next level with our innovative Build-a-Bundle product! You can use this tool to save big while creating your very own custom bundle using any of the modules in our extensive catalog.

Build-a-Bundle illustration

Announcement • January 1, 2024

The Big Bang: CEUniverse Begins!

Today FoxyLearning is proud to announce the launch of CEUniverse!

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