Articles FAQ

How do article quizzes work?

You'll be provided with a full access to an article for you to read in one tab and a quiz on the content of the article in another tab. You can switch between tabs at any time. It looks like this:

Screenshot of article quiz

After you pass the quiz, you can mark the module complete and download your certificate of completion immediately.

How long are the quizzes?

The length of an article quiz varies by article. The longer and more complex an article is, the longer its quiz will be.

Can I retake the quiz if I don't pass the first time?

Yes. You have unlimited attempts to retake the quiz, but you won't receive the exact same questions each time. Questions are randomly drawn from a pool of questions for each quiz attempt.

How long will I have to complete an article quiz?

Article quizzes are entirely self-paced and you can take as long as you wish to complete them. Your date of completion will be based on when you pass the quiz.

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