Bundles FAQ

How do bundles work?

Bundles allow you to buy multiple CEU modules at a steep discount. Some bundles are focused on complete or partial recertification needs, while others are focused on a particular topic.

How can I see how many CEUs each module in the bundle is worth?

There are two easy ways to find this information:

  1. Add the bundle to your cart. Once it is added, your cart will display each individual module in the bundle and the number of CEUs it is worth. You can then just remove the bundle from your cart if you decide not to purchase it.
  2. On the bundle product page, you can click on the title of any module in the bundle list to see a "quick view" of it in a pop-up window. This will show you a brief description of the module, the number and type of CEUs it is worth, and a button to view its full details.

Can I build my own bundle?

Absolutely! We have a robust build-a-bundle system that lets you save big by crafting a custom bundle with any of the modules in our extensive catalog.

Why are some bundles listed as "unavailable" to me?

A bundle will be listed as unavailable to purchase if you have previously purchased one or more of the modules it contains. Don't worry, though—you can always just build your own bundle!

Do I have to complete the modules in a particular order?

No, you can complete them in any order you like.

How long will I have to complete the modules in a bundle?

As long as you like! Unlike many other CEU providers, your access to the CEU modules you purchase on CEUniverse does not expire. Your date of completion for each module will be based on when you actually complete it...whether it is today or five years from now! Although we do occasionally remove modules if they become outdated or there are licensing issues, this happens rarely and you'll receive advance notice if it does.

This means you can stock up on bundles now to get big savings (who knows when the price will increase?) and then complete them as your schedule allows or your recertification needs dictate.

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