How do I access the CEU modules I've purchased?

Learning modules you've purchased can be accessed from the myLearning dashboard.

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When will my access to a CEU module expire?

It won't! Unlike many other CEU providers, we do not set a time limit on your access to our modules. When you purchase a CEU module, you will have indefinite and unlimited access to that content for as long as we're in business! For example, you could purchase a CEU module today, but not complete it until five years later! Your completion date will be based on whenever you actually complete the module.

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Is Foxylearning approved to offer continuing education units (CEUs)?

Yes! Foxylearning has been approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® to offer continuing education (of the "learning" variety, formerly known as "type 2") for BCBAs and BCaBAs since 2010 (#OP-10-2021). You may also be able to use our modules for other purposes or credentialing agencies by asking them. We are happy to work with you to produce a custom certificate of completion if you need it.

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What types of CEU modules does Foxylearning offer?

We currently offer three different types of CEU modules:

  1. MULTIMEDIA TUTORIALS: These are self-paced tutorials that consist of multimedia content (including audio narration, text, graphics, and sometimes video or animations). They are mastery-based (requiring correct responding to advance) and developed using principles from behavioral approaches to education, such as programmed instruction, the personalized system of instruction, and behavior skills training. 
  2. INTERACTIVE VIDEOS: These are videos that have questions and other interactive content embedded directly within the video. As you watch the video, questions will automatically pop up. They are also mastery-based and require correct responding to advance through the video.
  3. ARTICLE QUIZZES: These modules consist of a research article and a brief quiz to test comprehension. A passing score on the quiz is required to earn a certificate of completion.

Can I repeat a module for CEUs?

No. On their website, the BACB writes, "Do not repeat a CE activity to obtain additional CEUs. Repeating CE activities does not provide new or expanded knowledge or skills."

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