What types of CEU modules does Foxylearning offer?

Foxylearning currently offers three different types of CEU modules:

  1. MULTIMEDIA TUTORIALS: These are self-paced tutorials that consist of multimedia content (including audio narration, text, graphics, and sometimes video or animations). They are mastery-based, requiring correct responding to advance, and developed using principles from behavioral approaches to education, such as programmed instruction, the personalized system of instruction, and behavior skills training. 
  2. INTERACTIVE VIDEOS: These are videos that have questions and other interactive content embedded directly within the video. As you watch the video, questions will automatically pop up. They are also mastery-based and require correct responding to advance through the video.
  3. ARTICLE QUIZZES: These modules consist of a research article and a 6-question quiz to test comprehension. A passing score on the quiz is required to earn a certificate of completion.
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